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CSE 260

Special Topics in Computer Science - Revealing the Chemical World Around Us with Computational Mass Spectrometry

Grading Scheme

The course will be two parts, participation/presenting in class literature presentations (70%) and a project (30%).

Course Overview

In this course we will learn to understand how as a scientific community we utilize mass spectrometry to measure all the molecules around us. In contrast from DNA sequencing where DNA molecules are read as the blueprint of biology, mass spectrometry is able to measure all types of molecules from proteins, metabolites, small molecule therapeutics, sugars, lipids, pollutants, doping substances, etc. that tell us exactly what biology happening after the blueprints are put into action. We will learn the algorithms and methods from computer science and bioinformatics that has accelerated basic science in proteomics, metabolomics, exposomics, and drug discovery.

Overall the literature presentations and project will be a reasonably light workload. The main goal of these activities will be to teach you how to better comprehend, critique, and contexual literature. Further, you will learn how to improve your communication of complex scientific ideas to others in a digestable fashion.

Lecture Slides

Slides Date
Introduction 9/23/2022

Last update: September 21, 2022 22:56:24